The beauty of Einstein’s well-known equation lies in its simplicity.

Energy (E) and mass (M) are patterns of space. 

Energy is a traveling wave that moves in a linear direction at the speed 
of light (c).

Energy has no mass.

Imagine that traveling waves of space interact spontaneously to form a 
standing wave, resulting in the creation of a fundamental particle. 
Each of the particle’s component waves travels in a cyclical path within 
a confined region. Together, the combined motions form a particle (or mass) 
vibrating at c squared (c2).

As traveling waves become standing waves, energy is converted to particles.
And the converse is true. When matter reaches a specific energy threshold, 
particles instantly devolve back into traveling waves.

Energy and matter are interchangeable. They are different configurations 
of the same fundamental motions of space.